Business Outline

FULLY SUPPORTS from the beginning of Research & Development until after-sales service including maintenance.

We provide “MACHINE TOOLS”,“HYDRAULIC PRESSES”, and some other
We are proud of selling 5000 sets of one side supporting special designed hydraulic presses
machines from the beginning of the company.
We starts development from hearing customers demands, so that our technology will adopt
fully customers needs.
Our Hydraulic press machine is something different compare with other manufacturers machines.
Technology will go advance together with user friendly devices.
Sankei is not only manufacturing many high technological presses but also give best advice
to select machines from our existing products line. And also we are preparing fully supporting
service programs, not only manufacturing, developing , selling products but also rebuild,
repairment maintenance.
Our customers are always satisfied with our full support systems. Sales of consumption
products are also useful to our customers.
Our concepts of full support systems are ‘Low Cost’‘Short Delivery term’ and ‘Satisfaction’.

Main Dealing products
C frame Hydraulic Press Machine
Colum type hydraulic Press Machine
Straight side type Hydraulic Press machine
Hydraulic press machine with rotary feeding table
Straighten Press machine
Hot Press machine
Design and Manufacture various kinds of specialized
machine and press line
Maintenance and overhaul of above mentioned machineries
Other Machine toll’s maintenance, Installation,
selling consumption articles

Main sales products
●Machin Tools
 Machining center
 Drilling Center
 Versatile NC
 Automatic machine
 Milling machine
 Planing machine
 Grinding machine
 Geared machineries
 Drilling machine
 Sawing machine
● Press Machine
 Mechanical Press machines
 Shearing machines
 Automatic feeding machines
 Coining machine

C frame type Press machine

Solid and Heavy Duty body and compact C type frame andstraight side frame type Press machines.
High productivity through High speed cylinder.
Two Hand control devices provide safe and easy operation.Good for Multi-purpose and Multi-needs.
Quiet and smooth operation.